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Are We There Yet?

Five months. That’s how long I was planning on living in Eastern Oregon.I loved Boise. I’d never move for good. I had friends there, a good job, and plenty of shopping and things to do. It was just going to be a short season of growing, and

Coping And Combat

We looked at a house a couple of weeks ago. One of at least a few dozen that my husband and I have looked at in the [almost] three years my husband and I have been married. This one had a heck of a lot going for

Busy Busy Busy

I suck at saying “No.” I don’t know if it really exists in my day-to-day vocabulary. I’m working on it, though. Mostly because I’ve said yes to so many things this year that I’ve started to forget things I never used to forget. The other day, I

Small Talk

Ever since I started writing, I’ve had people tell me that I tend to rush through pieces of the story. Usually it’s the little (not-as-important) stuff, and I don’t even realize I’m doing it. As I’ve grown in my writing, I’ve realized it’s because I

Burnt Up Dreams

Life is full of dreams, isn’t it? Dreams to start a family, dreams to land the perfect job, or to meet prince charming. One of my dreams is to buy a fixer upper house of our own, and transform it into a beautiful one that we could

My Own Kind Of Pain

More To Me is based on the dozens of true stories of kids who I’ve met over the years; some who lived under the same roof as me for a season, and others that I’ve met more recently through other means. But all of these stories

Behind The Cover

May 1st is a special day, but not only because my debut novel launches then. I actually chose to launch More To Me on May 1st because it’s the birth date of my youngest sister, who happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. She will be turning

Breaking Point – An Excerpt From “More To Me”

The water was almost too hot, but Bri inched into the shower anyway. She was too preoccupied to find the perfect temperature on the touchy nozzle. Letting the water flow over her head and down her spine, Bri let her thoughts wander. Of course, they

What To Change When Life Gets The Best Of You

Don’t you hate when people put on their happy faces and pretend that life is rainbows and sunshine, all of the time? They get asked how they are, and their response is always, “Great!” After hearing about their achievements and strangely happy stories, you begin to wonder where

Four Steps To Becoming Fearless

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing, afraid of offending people, and afraid of the unknown. But most of all, I’m afraid of failure. Why? Everyone on this earth has failed at something, so why would I be scared of