Are We There Yet?
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Are We There Yet?

Five months.

That’s how long I was planning on living in Eastern Oregon.
I loved Boise. I’d never move for good. I had friends there, a good job, and plenty of shopping and things to do.

It was just going to be a short season of growing, and I’d be back to my normal life.

I’d just agreed to help one of my good friends house sit for her grandparents, who were going down South for the winter.

Five months. I’d be back home soon, where I’d be able to enjoy my Dad’s weekend breakfasts again, go get chai tea with my mom when I needed advice, or hug my baby sister if she was struggling with some part of growing up.

But I’m a sucker for adventure, and I felt God nudging me to go, even if it didn’t make sense.

I said teary goodbyes, and headed to Oregon. Before my friend had mentioned this opportunity, I had no idea where this little town was that I was soon to call “home.”

I told my mom I would be back in no time.

The five months flew by. I got a job in retail, then banking. I wasn’t cut out for either.

But during those five months, I met a cute guy at church who also had a passion for adventure and Jesus. Fast forward a few months, and I told him I’d be heading back to Boise unless he’d like me to stay. He asked me out on a date, and then another one. The rest is history.

We’re now married, and I wouldn’t change a thing about our story together. I admit, though, I do struggle with the time frame part of this adventure…

Five years. That’s how long I’ve lived in this town I thought I’d only be in for a few winter months.

Little did I know, when I packed up my little green Neon, that I would be starting a whole new life in a place I never knew was on the map.

I may complain about how small this town is, and hate the arctic winters, but this place has blessed me in ways I could never have known if I’d stayed comfortable in my hometown of Boise.

I’ve met the nicest people here, and I have the best support system. The community is small, so everyone has each other’s back. There is NO traffic, ever. Plus, we have the most beautiful [2-3 weeks] of fall.

I tell this story for the first time in written form not only to hopefully encourage you in a possible season of waiting, but to encourage my own heart to let go and trust God’s process. I don’t know the adventures I have ahead of me — and trust me — I’m darn ready for an adventure right about now.

I am the kid in the back seat whining to God, “Are we there yet?” I’m impatient, and only see the road directly ahead of me.

But God thankfully sees further than the next five months, and even the next five years. So trust His timing. It’s always better.