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Behind The Cover

May 1st is a special day, but not only because my debut novel launches then. I actually chose to launch More To Me on May 1st because it’s the birth date of my youngest sister, who happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. She will be turning ten this year, and she’s got more spunk and energy than all the rest of us siblings combined. December 2017 was her 8 year adoption anniversary, and I don’t know

Breaking Point – An Excerpt From “More To Me”

The water was almost too hot, but Bri inched into the shower anyway. She was too preoccupied to find the perfect temperature on the touchy nozzle. Letting the water flow over her head and down her spine, Bri let her thoughts wander. Of course, they always wandered back to the same situation: her mother. Bri’s fists clenched. Her disappointment was as thick as the swirling steam—disappointment in her mother for letting her down and in herself

What To Change When Life Gets The Best Of You

Don’t you hate when people put on their happy faces and pretend that life is rainbows and sunshine, all of the time? They get asked how they are, and their response is always, “Great!” After hearing about their achievements and strangely happy stories, you begin to wonder where you went wrong. They don’t even seem to have a sliver of pain or hurt in their life, and yet that’s all your world revolves around these days. Well let me

Four Steps To Becoming Fearless

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing, afraid of offending people, and afraid of the unknown. But most of all, I’m afraid of failure. Why? Everyone on this earth has failed at something, so why would I be scared of it? I think it’s because it’s not comfortable, and I don’t like when things are not comfortable. Life is so much easier within my own version of comfort. Am I alone here? We

Do You Need Some Hope?

Hope. It’s what gets us from point A to point B in life. It’s what spurs us on when we’re discouraged, and it is arguably the biggest motivator of all time. Why? Because the human race needs something to look forward to – something they can see in the distance that gives them something they need or want. The very word race implies that we are striving forward for something.  In our culture, however, we are bombarded with everything but hope. In the news,

What’s It To Me?

If you’ve read the blurb about my book, you know that the story I tell through it is important to me. If you haven’t read the blurb, find it here. Then come back, because I think you’ll like what’s coming. Now that you’re all caught up, I need to share how this story can effect you.  The goal of the story is, first and foremost, to honor the stories of the half-dozen kids I sat down with who have lived