What To Change When Life Gets The Best Of You
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What To Change When Life Gets The Best Of You

Don’t you hate when people put on their happy faces and pretend that life is rainbows and sunshine, all of the time?

They get asked how they are, and their response is always, “Great!”

After hearing about their achievements and strangely happy stories, you begin to wonder where you went wrong. They don’t even seem to have a sliver of pain or hurt in their life, and yet that’s all your world revolves around these days.

Well let me just tell you, that’s a lie.

I know this because I was one of those people. I tried my hardest to put up a mask when I talked to others so that they wouldn’t see the bad stuff going on deep inside. It was a fake, unrealistic version of myself, and it ultimately left me feeling very alone, with poor self-esteem.

Whether you’ve been like me in your past, or you admit all your pain freely, we all just want a break from it, don’t we?

So, what do we do when we get down in the dumps?

Wait for it…


Well, sort of.

I don’t think the answer is in a bullet point list this time. I don’t think it’s something that’s scientifically proven by a university, or even something that sounds good in our culture.

But I do believe it is crucial if we are serious about conquering our pain. In fact, it’s as simple as one word:


Be honest with yourself. Be honest with the people around you. Be honest with God. You’ll start to see more clearly, and it will also open the door for others to stand beside you in your difficult season.

Sometimes it’s only when you take a step back with fresh eyes that you can see the forest for the trees. Life is so much more than what’s wearing you down right now. Give yourself grace, and share life with someone.

That’s how you’ll truly overcome the pain.

Not from following a step-by-step guide to happiness, but by vulnerability, and hope that things will get better.